Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Project News

It's been a long, yet short summer! It's truly amazing how time FLIES by. And the time for the end of this project is soon. has it been going you ask! First, the good news...
  • I have 11 artists interested in contributing, who have each told me YES! They support the project! That is EXCITING!
  • I found an economical way of getting the CD produced without breaking the budget, and I think I may have somebody who could make a contribution in the name of Wayside Waifs to cover the cost of the CD production, which would mean more MONEY going to the charity! Remember: 100% of the proceeds will go directly to Wayside Waifs! The contribution to cover CD production costs isn't done and final yet, but it's looking good!
And no bad news, just some realistic things I am looking at here:

  • Of the 11 artists contributing so far, that's out of 111 artists I've contacted! I knew not everybody I contacted would be jumping over themselves to contribute...for some it just may not be possible to lay down a professionally recorded song, or they don't have an idea, or they don't want to contribute for whatever reason. Cool. But I hoped at least by now I'd have 20% committed to contributing!
  • Of the 11 artists contributing, I've only had TWO songs turned in so far! Of course, there is PLENTY of time left to get your songs to me. But not that much more time! YIKES! Did I say before time is going FAST?!?
So, that all taken into consideration: I am extending the deadline for the songs to be submitted to me!

All songs are now due OCTOBER 31st.

( If you are mailing your songs via post, I will provide my mailing address via email...feel free to contact me.)

But that doesn't mean take that long and procrastinate if you have a song! Hopefully I get the bulk of the songs before then so I can arrange the tracks, get the ready for CD production, and all that good stuff and have the final product ready for production ASAP after October 31st.

The CD production I am looking at is a 10 day turn around, so I should have the final product by the middle of November with that time line. It's going to be hectic, but it's do able, and I am willing to put my back to the wall on this because I honestly believe in this project with all my heart and I have a passion to see it succeed.

So, please, SPREAD THE WORD on this project! Share information on your blog/Christmas site about it if you have one. Submissions are welcome from anywhere and everywhere. So if you know a band or a musician who would like to contribute a song for this charity project, share this information with them. Believe me, I won't turn away any submissions because I didn't solicit them personally! I HOPE I get unsolicited submissions! It would MAKE MY DAY!