Wednesday, September 24, 2008


So far I have 20 artists who have agreed to contribute to the project! I am not sure if all will be able to participate...but I have been informed by a few that extending the deadline another month sure helped out! Hey, whatever I can do...this is an important project and I want to make it work!

And so far I have 10 songs by six of the contributing artists! Thanks to those of you who have showed your support to the extent to offer more than ONE track! So as of now I have a fairly full CD. There is plenty of room on the disc available, however...I want this to be a full length CD with many and varied tracks.

I am EXCITED about the prospects of this coming out. It's been great to see the support of this project coming together. Thanks to all the contributing artists who have helped make it come together.

And another thing that is exciting to me is the number of artists outside of the Kansas City area committed to contributing! I am SO grateful! I have to say I haven't had much luck with Kansas City area bands, which I totally understand if they don't have the studio time right now to record a new Christmas song, so no hard feelings...but it will be exciting to see this come together! I think it will be a great collection!