Monday, June 2, 2008

An update of sorts

OK, previously I had a link for a rules and submissions form for artists to sign. After long and serious consideration and consultation, it has been decided that this is not necessary for this project. The link has been removed. If you previously downloaded it, you don't have to fill it out or submit it.

So, if you are submitting a song, hopefully this makes the process MUCH easier for you.

By submitting the song, you agree to allow me to use the track on the CD and for the purposes of which benefit the Wayside Waifs animal shelter. Your song will only be used by me for this purpose, whether it be through the sale of physical CDs or by making the album available for download.

All artists retain FULL RIGHTS to their song.

Please see the post below for more details.

And thank you SO MUCH for your interest and contributions. Keep the word going around about this and let's get more people involved!