Monday, April 28, 2008

Wayside Waifs Charity CD

I am announcing that I am going to produce, assemble, oversee the production of, and sell/distribute a means to raise money for Wayside Waifs.

Ok, you ask, "Why Wayside Waifs?"

1) Wayside Waifs is an animal shelter; I love animals

2) Wayside Waifs allowed me to adopt a wonderful animal from them in December 2005 that has touched my life in so many ways.

3) Animals are among those who cannot help themselves, and are in need just as much at the holiday times as children or families in need, and the charities that raise money for children and families are very fine, and I applaud them, but I wanted to do something for our furry friends who cannot help themselves at all.

What I intend to do is:

1) Contact independent/unsigned musicians/bands to see if they would be interested in contributing a song to the compilation. It can be a newly recorded track or a track they previously shared online or on a CD they released. Original songs by local musicians is a plus, but I am welcoming as many contributors as may be interested in helping this charity.

2) Produce the final CD through Disc Masters. My goal is to produce an actual pressed CD, not a CD-R, 1000 copies. Copies will be sold online, in local stores, and I also hope that area veterinarians and pet food stores will also help me sell the CD.

There are details to work out, however. Please keep watch on this blog for more details on how to submit your music.

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