Monday, November 3, 2008

The Official Announcement!

The tracks are in, the final selections have been made. Here is the official track list:


1) ShiSho-Christmas Bells
2) Zen Doggies-Oh Santa
3) Don Campau-It's That Time of Year Again
4) Ray Carmen-Jingle Bell Rock
5) Lord of the Yum Yum-Ukrainian Bell Choir
6) What About Frogs-The Cat Who Controls Christmas
7) The Harvey Girls-Christmas Time Is Here
8) Thee Majesty-I Like the Holidays
9) Fireflies-Xmas Song (new version recorded for this compilation!)
10) Matthias Rowe-A Different Scarf
11) Ken Clinger-I'm Coming Home For Christmas This Year
12) Rick Malsick-Joseph's Song
13) Euchrid Eucrow-A Horse Is Not Just for Christmas
14) John Mitchell-The Reason for the Season
15) R. Stevie Moore-The Reason for the Season
16) Zen Doggies-Goodbye Christmas
17) Mercurial Rage-It's Christmas
18) Ethan Waters-5AM Christmas Pawn Groove
19) Worm is Green-Jólaljósin
20) Matthias Rowe-Northern Lights
21) Ken Clinger-I Will Hold You Until You Sleep
22) Larry Garrett-Old Dogs

This is out of 235 artists I personally contacted. A few backed out after saying yes (either due to a line up change of the band, or due to other circumstances out of their control), and some I never heard back from again even though they said yes to contributing. But I am very grateful to each artist who contributed. I am reluctant to single anybody out, but to those were were able to provide new material I am most grateful to you. I am extremely grateful for all of the material, but seeing that some of the new material was written by yours truly, I am most grateful to those artists who were able to record my own visions of Christmas music. It made the project all worthwhile.

Alas, nobody offered up a cover version of "A Lonely Pup in a Christmas Shop." I am a bit disappointed by that, but in light of what I have, I think this is a very strong compilation without it.

I will keep you updated on when the CD is ready for sale, and when it is available to purchase for download. It should be soon.

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